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1Master of Tourism and Travel ManagementMASTER OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, SEMESTER - IV2022-2023Main Exam
2M.Sc. Chemistry M.Sc (Chemistry) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
3M.Sc. Chemistry M.Sc (Chemistry) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
4M.A. /M.Sc. StatisticsM.A. /M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
5Master of Tourism and Travel ManagementMASTER OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, SEMESTER - II2022-2023Main Exam
6B.Voc. in Tourism and HospitalityB.Voc. in Tourism and Hospitality Semester - IV2022-2023Main Exam
7M.Sc. ZoologyM.Sc (Zoology) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
8M.Sc. ZoologyM.Sc (Zoology) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
9M.Sc. (Human DFS) (Girls)M.Sc (G) HDFS Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
10M.Sc. MathematicsM.Sc (Mathematics) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
11M.Sc. GeologyM.Sc. (Geology) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
12M.Sc. BotanyM.Sc (Botany) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
13M.Sc. BotanyM.Sc (Botany) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
14B.Voc. in Tourism and HospitalityB.Voc. in Tourism and Hospitality Semester - II2022-2023Main Exam
15BHM (SEMESTER)BHM Sem - II2022-2023Main Exam
16M.Sc. MicrobiologyM.Sc. (Microbiology) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
17M.Sc. BiotechnologyM.Sc (Biotechnology) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
18M.Sc. BiotechnologyM.Sc (Biotechnology) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
19M.Sc. Computer ScienceM.Sc (Computer Science) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
20M.Sc. PhysicsM.Sc (Physics) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
21M.Sc. PhysicsM.Sc (Physics) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
22M.Sc. MathematicsM.Sc (Mathematics) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
23M.Sc. MicrobiologyM.Sc. (Microbiology) Semester II2022-2023Main Exam
24B.Sc. Biotech (Hons.) Sem.BSc Biotech SEM IV2022-2023Main Exam
25B.Sc. Biotech (Hons.) Sem.BSc Biotech SEM II2022-2023Main Exam
26M.Sc. Computer ScienceM.Sc (Computer Science) Semester IV2022-2023Main Exam
27M.Pharm (BNIPS) QAM.Pharma(IPS) QA SEM IV2022-2023Main Exam
28M.Pharm QA (BNCP)M.Pharm QA Sem IV2022-2023Main Exam
29M.Pharm (Pharmacology)(BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmacology) Sem IV2022-2023Main Exam
30M.Pharm (BNIPS) (Pharmaceutics)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem IV (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
31M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem IV2022-2023Main Exam
32M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) Sem IV2022-2023Main Exam
33M.Pharm (BNIPS) QAM.Pharma(IPS) QA SEM II2022-2023Main Exam
34M.Pharm QA (BNCP)M.Pharm QA Sem II2022-2023Main Exam
35M.Pharm (Pharmacology)(BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmacology) Sem II2022-2023Main Exam
36M.Pharm (BNIPS) (Pharmaceutics)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem II (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
37M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem II2022-2023Main Exam
38M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) Sem II2022-2023Main Exam
39B.P.Ed.B.P.Ed SEM II2022-2023Main Exam
40B.Pharm. (BNIPS) Lateral EntryB.Pharm. Sem - IV Lateral Entry (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
41B.Pharma (Sem.) Lateral Entry (BNCP)B.Pharm. Sem - IV Lateral Entry (BNCP)2022-2023Main Exam
42B.Pharma (BNIPS) Sem.B.Pharm. (IPS) Semester - IV2022-2023Main Exam
43B.Pharma (Sem.) (BNCP)B.Pharm. Semester - IV2022-2023Main Exam
44B.Pharm. (BNIPS) Lateral EntryB.Pharm. Sem - II Lateral Entry (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
45B.Pharma (BNIPS) Sem.B.Pharm. (IPS) Semester - II2022-2023Main Exam
46B.Pharma (Sem.) Lateral Entry (BNCP)B.Pharm. Sem - II Lateral Entry (BNCP)2022-2023Main Exam
47B.Pharma (Sem.) (BNCP)B.Pharm. Semester - II2022-2023Main Exam
48M.P.Ed.M.P.Ed Sem IV2022-2023Main Exam
49M.P.Ed.M.P.Ed Sem II2022-2023Main Exam
50B.P.Ed.B.P.Ed SEM IV2022-2023Main Exam
53BA LLB SemBA LLB IV Sem2022-2023Main Exam
54BA LLB SemBA LLB II Sem2022-2023Main Exam
55B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureB.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture Part - II, Semester - II2022-2023Main Exam
56B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureB.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture Part - I, Semester - II2022-2023Main Exam
57Master of Law (LLM)LLM Sem IV2022-2023Main Exam
58Master of Law (LLM)LLM Sem II2022-2023Main Exam
59M.Pharm (BNIPS) QAM.Pharma(IPS) QA SEM III2022-2023Main Exam
60M.Pharm (BNIPS) (Pharmaceutics)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem III (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
61M.Pharm QA (BNCP)M.Pharm QA Sem III2022-2023Main Exam
62M.Pharm (Pharmacology)(BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmacology) Sem III2022-2023Main Exam
63M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem III2022-2023Main Exam
64M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) Sem III2022-2023Main Exam
65M.Sc. ZoologyM.Sc (Zoology) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
66M.Sc. (Human DFS) (Girls)M.Sc (G) HDFS Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
67BBA (SEMESTER)BBA IV Sem2022-2023Main Exam
68BBA (SEMESTER)BBA II Sem2022-2023Main Exam
69M.Sc. Chemistry M.Sc (Chemistry) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
70M.Sc. BotanyM.Sc (Botany) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
71M.Sc. MathematicsM.Sc (Mathematics) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
72M.Sc. MicrobiologyM.Sc. (Microbiology) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
73M.Sc. ZoologyM.Sc (Zoology) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
74M.A. /M.Sc. StatisticsM.A. /M.Sc. (Statistics) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
75M.Sc. Chemistry M.Sc (Chemistry) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
76M.Sc. PhysicsM.Sc (Physics) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
77M.Sc. Computer ScienceM.Sc (Computer Science) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
78M.Sc. BiotechnologyM.Sc (Biotechnology) Semester III2022-2023Main Exam
79M.Sc. PhysicsM.Sc (Physics) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
80M.Sc. MicrobiologyM.Sc. (Microbiology) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
81M.Sc. MathematicsM.Sc (Mathematics) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
82M.Sc. GeologyM.Sc. (Geology) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
83M.Sc. Computer ScienceM.Sc (Computer Science) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
84M.Sc. BotanyM.Sc (Botany) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
85M.Sc. BiotechnologyM.Sc (Biotechnology) Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
86B.Sc. Biotech (Hons.) Sem.BSc Biotech SEM III2022-2023Main Exam
87B.Sc. Biotech (Hons.) Sem.BSc Biotech SEM I2022-2023Main Exam
88B.P.Ed.B.P.Ed SEM III2022-2023Main Exam
89B.P.Ed.B.P.Ed SEM I2022-2023Main Exam
90B.Pharm. (BNIPS) Lateral EntryB.Pharm. Sem - I Lateral Entry (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
91B.Pharma (BNIPS) Sem.B.Pharm. (IPS) Semester - I2022-2023Main Exam
92B.Pharma (Sem.) Lateral Entry (BNCP)B.Pharm. Sem - I Lateral Entry (BNCP)2022-2023Main Exam
93B.Pharma (Sem.) (BNCP)B.Pharm. Semester - I2022-2023Main Exam
94Master of Tourism and Travel ManagementMASTER OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, SEMESTER - III2022-2023Main Exam
95B.Voc. in Tourism and HospitalityB.Voc. in Tourism and Hospitality Semester - III2022-2023Main Exam
96M.P.Ed.M.P.Ed Sem III2022-2023Main Exam
97M.P.Ed.M.P.Ed Sem I2022-2023Main Exam
98B.Pharm. (BNIPS) Lateral EntryB.Pharm. Sem - III Lateral Entry (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
99B.Pharma (Sem.) Lateral Entry (BNCP)B.Pharm. Sem - III Lateral Entry (BNCP)2022-2023Main Exam
100B.Pharma (BNIPS) Sem.B.Pharm. (IPS) Semester - III2022-2023Main Exam
101B.Pharma (Sem.) (BNCP)B.Pharm. Semester - III2022-2023Main Exam
102B.Voc. in Tourism and HospitalityB.Voc. in Tourism and Hospitality Semester - I2022-2023Main Exam
103M.Pharm (BNIPS) QAM.Pharma(IPS) QA SEM I2022-2023Main Exam
104M.Pharm (BNIPS) (Pharmaceutics)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem I (BNIPS)2022-2023Main Exam
105M.Pharm QA (BNCP)M.Pharm QA Sem I2022-2023Main Exam
106M.Pharm (Pharmacology)(BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmacology) Sem I2022-2023Main Exam
107M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Sem I2022-2023Main Exam
108M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) (BNCP)M.Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry) Sem I2022-2023Main Exam
110Master of Tourism and Travel ManagementMASTER OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, SEMESTER - I2022-2023Main Exam
111BHM (SEMESTER)BHM Sem - I2022-2023Main Exam
112B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureB.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture Part - I, Semester - I2022-2023Main Exam
113BA LLB SemBA LLB III Sem2022-2023Main Exam
114BA LLB SemBA LLB I Sem2022-2023Main Exam
116M.Sc. HDFSM.Sc. HDFS Semester I2022-2023Main Exam
117B.Sc. (Hons.) AgricultureB.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture Part - II, Semester - I2022-2023Main Exam
118Master of Law (LLM)LLM Sem III2022-2023Main Exam
119Master of Law (LLM)LLM Sem I2022-2023Main Exam
120BBA (SEMESTER)BBA III Sem2022-2023Main Exam
121BBA (SEMESTER)BBA I Sem2022-2023Main Exam